MADE ESPRESSO BAR is the coming together of Michelle Burns & Kate Bloomfield. Two women who love producing great coffee, wholesome food and exceptional service.

We here at MADE like to take care when sustaining our energy...
We also like the sweet stuff in life...
Therefore, we like to source a lot of organic and unrefined ingredients.  We're not perfect...
be happy in the knowledge however, that the food here is definitely MADE with love...

HouseMADE Goodies Contain:

Organic Stoneground Flour
Organic Golden Sugar
Organic Grains
Local, Fresh Produce
Organic Milk
Fair-trade, Organic Hummingbird Coffee
Locally Farmed and Cured Meats from Cashmere Cuisine
The Bread Club Wholegrain Sourdough & Baps
Grizzly Bagels
Local, Free Range Eggs
Organic, Fair-trade Chocolate & Cocoa

Supporting local small business and those that like to make a difference.
Rinse. Recycle. Be Responsible.
Do Unto Others.